Humanidad Aqui Arriba By Camila Falquez

In Camila Falquez’s photography series “Humanidad aqui arriba”, two female bodies with distinct skin colors synchronize in motion forming beautiful images of harmony and unity. Portrayed with a poem by Spanish poet Leticia Sala, this is another striking personal project from photographer and videographer who is passionate about human body and its movements.

Movement creates emotion, body shows imperfections creating perfection; through the tiny second of stint they delicately collide creating a still image. Moments and movements are important to every photographer, and particularly for Camila Falquez. Her connection with body movement subconsciously derives from a personal experience- dance lessons in the childhood that hardly allowed individual expression, because of the technical rules ballet imposes. Photography as an art form emerged organically for Camila. Self-taught photographer who started professional career as an assistant to street style photographer Scott Schuman, over the last years has built an impressive list of fashion industry clients. Living intermittently between Barcelona and New York, she is always eager to discover unknown places, different cultures, and people’s relationship with their surroundings. “I’m not portraying how people move culturally. What I’m doing is moving these bodies and showing through my eyes how I see movement in their body,” she says.

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