In California, Photographer Dino Kužnik Shoots Jay Versace In Dusk

“Jay got in touch as he liked the style of my photography,” explains Kužnik to IGNANT. “He allowed me full creative freedom, so I wanted to evoke a different time with the setting and portray a more serious mood with the darker photographs; a coming of age if you must.” Location and environment were important factors to Kužnik, so he suggested they drive to the desert to a few spots he was aware of. The first one was at an old Gas station in Amboy, a small town in San Bernardino County. “Fortunately, we were also able to photograph in an abandoned school that was nearby to get a few more ambient and darker photographs,” he says. The sun was quite low when they finished at the first location, so they decided to ditch the second location as it was too far away, pulling over on a long straight road south of Amboy. “It was a blue hour, so we used that light to our advantage and paired it with a complementary outfit. The two locations and outfits balance each other in both a visual and metaphorical sense.” The tender images are a compelling portrayal of what creative collaboration can achieve.

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