In Taipei, Two Books Design Creates Chang’s Apartment As A Minimalist Home And Studio

Located in a residential community in Taipei, Chang’s Apartment is a minimalist residence designed to maximize space and light whilst providing dual-functionality as a home and studio for the owner. The apartment, dating back over forty years, was initially a much smaller and darker space; the former owner had extended the balcony space into the original floorplan of the apartment, drastically reducing the interior area and available natural light. Designer Weng chose to rework the space and return the balcony to its original size, ensuring the maximum amount of daylight would once again flow into the apartment.

The interior is open-plan but the clever use of glass partitions enables the separation of spaces whilst still maximizing available light. Intended to function as both a living and studio space, the apartment’s filmmaker owner frequently requires the need for precise judgment of color in post-production editing. With this in mind, the designer utilized a neutral color palette throughout the apartment, aiming to minimize the potential for distracting elements or reflecting colors. The architects have added a softening detail to the minimalist interior in the form of a cluster of dried flowers which appear to float above the studio worktable—the organic form of this additional feature adds a visually intriguing focal point to the room, whilst also interrupting the angular geometric lines of the space.

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