Interior Design By Jean Verville Architecte

Designed by Jean Verville architecte, IN 3 is a minimalist interior design located in Montréal, Canada. In 2017, the architect realized IN 1 2 3, three installations combining art, architecture and domesticity.

Jean Verville uses intriguing photographic proposals in which the presence of an allegorical figure proposes a new modality for appreciation of architecture. With his IN 3 project, the architect created an architectural installation juggling with excesses and exuberance while retaining its signature of an assumed minimalism. In order to satisfy the needs of everyday life, but also to create a working environment, the bare space skillfully conceals functions in a succession of sculptural volumes. The gray tones of the raw materials harmonize perfectly with the immense golden structure deploying to abolish the hierarchy of spaces. This golden ribbon contains domestic functions as storage units and breaks up space into a single operation of powerful efficiency. The contrast between the concrete, the sumptuous golden brass and the immaculate brilliance of the white stones, causes an immense feeling of opulence.

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