Intricate Cut-Out Artworks Of Ali Harrison

Toronto-based artist Ali Harrison is recognized for her characteristic paper work. She creates her author hand-cut designs, which are then reproduced through a laser cutting technique in both wood and paper. As the artist creates her forms free-hand, only the outline of the design is drawn first, and then the inside patterns are cut. “I’m never sure how a paper-cutting will turn out when I begin. The images take their form as I cut away the paper, and figure out what patterns emerge,” she says. The meticulous creations take up t 60 hours to complete, and the result is impressing. “I like taking an image that is recognizable and reproducing it with repeating abstract patterns. For the organ pieces, I use repetitive organic looking patterns that remind me of the organic nature of the body’s cells,” Harrison describes her work.

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Written by Peter Thompson


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