Iringó Demeter’s Sensual Photography Observes The Beauty In The Details

Using the body as a tool for physical and emotional connection, Demeter crafts her photographs according to texture and intimacy. Her observational tendencies were honed through her education, graduating with a degree in fine art and fashion photography in London, where she is currently based. In her work, faces and bodies often appear in sections or fragments, either with limbs slightly obscured by one another, or faces cut off by the framing. The closeness of each image dismantles the gaze of the viewer; whereby the elements of each shot are presented as cropped visual segments that are layered and artistic. Shadow, line, and tone are important here. It’s as if Demeter has deconstructed traditional forms of portraiture. Through these techniques, a sense of mystery is achieved, whereby impactful silhouettes let the details speak for themselves.

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