‘ISIS Maria’: A Homage To Fertility And Motherhood

‘Isis Maria’ is the first collaborative project by Brazilian fashion photographers Marcos Florentino and Kelvin Yule, as the collective MAR+VIN. Created for the online platform FFW, the editorial series is a modern interpretation of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the icon of Maria, representative of motherly virtue. In a homage to fertility, ancestry and endurance, the São Paulo-based creative duo capture model Loo Nascimento as an ethereal figure of female strength and regality. Styled by Suyane Ynaya, Nascimento is photographed in retro garments and settings symbolic of growth and protection, appearing against a backdrop of vegetation and carrying a newborn child. Through ‘Isis Maria’, MAR+VIN introduce a contemporary custodian of motherhood–a real woman, of divine status.

All images © MAR+VIN

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