James Perolls Paints A Picture Of Childhood Innocence

Self-taught British-born photographer James Perolls takes portraits that exude calm confidence.

Moving from Brighton to Berlin three years ago provided Perolls with a renewed sense of imagination and creativity. After having trained as a pricing strategist, Perolls gave up his day job and decided to make his photography hobby a full time career. Since taking the plunge, he has produced work for the likes of i-D, Dazed and American Apparel. His keen eye for the finer details, combined with his ability to engage with his subjects means that his portraits are both intimate and alluring. Commenting on his photographic approach, he explains “whether I’m creating an honest portrait or depicting an embodied character… I try to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident.” Perolls’ ability to connect with his subjects means that all of his photos have a profound weight. The people he photographs appear totally at ease with the camera, often holding interesting gazes and giving off an air of calm serenity.

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