Jasmine Deporta’s First Photo Book Explores Desires, Fear And Identity

Italian-born, Lausanne-based photographer Jasmine Deporta is launching her first publishing endeavour—11 is an introspective documentation of desires, fears, and identity that draws together six years of work in a single photo book.

The title is drawn from Deporta’s birthday—the 11th of the 11th. This numerical pairing is said to be portentous, linked to magic by new age philosophies, and to synchronicity in analytical psychology. It is a number that Deporta says, has “followed her” through life, and the act of naming her photo book after it, as she explains, makes the published piece “synonymous with a life journey, and my personal visual exploration of it”. The photo book consolidates years of unpublished work from the photographer, its content and layout meticulously devised over four years with French design firm Studio 24/24. Inside the photobook, images sit in contrasting spreads designed by Deporta and Studio 24/24. Each set exists in balance; the forms, colors, composition, and content of one photograph in mimesis or contrast to the opposite page. The final production of the photo book is being funded through a Kickstarter Campaign, you can pledge and order the book here.

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