John Thomson’s Remarkable Photographs of China from the 1870s

Portrait of Young Manchu Girl in her Marriage Dress.

John Thomson (1837-1921) designed function that was floor-breaking and revolutionary. Far extra groundbreaking than an ground breaking hairstyle or a teen’s solution placement on YouTube.

Thomson was an Edinburgh-born photographer who travelled to China in the late 1860s. From 1870-71, Thomson travelled thoroughly in China photographing the people today he met, documenting their customs, life, costumes, and traditions. Thomson feared significantly of China’s culture would be swamped by the growth of Empire and the opening of investing routes.

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A Manchu woman carrying a hairstyle.

Thomson travelled with a camera the size of a substantial packing crate. He utilised the collodion course of action or wet plate system which was a time-consuming and complicated. Thomson hoped his operate would carry an appreciation of the abundant variety of ethnicity and lifestyle to Victorian Britain. That he succeeded and his functions are still held in high esteem right now is testomony to Thomson’s groundbreaking get the job done as a photographer.

Mandarin and Son.

A Mandarin’s house.

Aged Chinese female with elaborate hair model.

A Pekingese chiropodist.

A painter at get the job done.

Manchu lady having her hair styled.

Manchu Girl and her Maid.

3 guys, two older with beards, a single younger with a moustache.

A Cantonese boat female.

A male, with laden panniers, promoting fruit outside a residence.

A tradesman selling vases on the avenue.

An outdated Mongol female and her horse.

A Nightwatchman, Peking.

Manchu females shopping for flowers for their headdress.

Prince Kung, now about forty many years of age, is the sixth son of the Emperor Tao Kwang, who reigned from A.D. 1820 to 1850. He is a young brother of the late Emperor Hien-foong, and, for that reason an uncle to the reigning Emperor Tung-che.

Camel sculptures on the highway to the Ming tombs.

Island Pagoda.

Amoy, Fukien province, China: two Manchu soldiers with John Thomson.

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