John Trifonopoulos Shows What Is Before Your Very Eyes

Greek photographer John Trifonopoulos notices the ostensibly insignificant things that we don’t pay attention to. The intention behind his photographic series ‘Before Your Very Eyes’ is to bring out these small details, using this awareness as a tool to appease his own obsessive observant tendencies.

Based in Kavala, Greece, Trifonopoulos is also a freelance graphic designer and began his foray into fine art photography in 2015. From that moment, Trifonopoulos tells IGNANT that his passion began to flourish. “It’s something like a personal game for“The internet is chaotic with so much information, and it’s made us waste valuable time” me, and an everyday relaxation technique”, he explains. The images in the series were mostly captured in Greece, although some were taken from his travels to countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, and Bulgaria. The series stems from Trifonopoulos’ belief that we have quite literally lost sight of the smaller things in life. A reason for this, he says, is the influence of technology on our attention spans. “We now spend more time on our phones and surfing on the internet than ever, so we don’t have much time for anything else”, he says. “The internet is chaotic with so much information, and it’s made us waste valuable time”. This time could be better spent in contemplation—and by turning our attention to the seemingly mundane, such as the textures of the ground or the haphazard placement of objects in random spots, Trifonopoulos asserts we may regain our sense of purpose.

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