‘Kamiuma House’ By CHOP+ARCHI

When asked to construct a residence on a sharp intersection between two roads, Tokyo-based architectural design office CHOP+ARCHI presented a property that welcomes and utilises the presence of acute angles.

‘Kamiuma House’ is located on a unique triangular-shaped site in the heart of a busy residential community in Tokyo. The house was constructed for a couple and their daughter, with the aim to establish a harmonious coexistence with the surrounding buildings and residents. Given the site’s shape formed by the meeting of two roads, CHOP+ARCHI ensured that the interior layout would be as effective as possible with minimal ‘dead’ space. To achieve this, ‘Kamiuma House’ was constructed with exterior voids that are also utilised as space for windows. The architects describe these areas as “intermediary spaces between inside and outside, gently connecting the house to the surrounding neighborhood while still ensuring privacy.” This also softens the shape of the building, and enables the clients to fulfil their desire to control the direct sunlight in the residence. Windows have been cut into the structure, and CHOP+ARCHI have incorporated open-plan living and dining spaces. With fresh white walls and wood panels for the floor and ceiling beams, ‘Kamiuma House’ presents a minimalist property that interacts with the restrictions of the environment.

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