Kantýna: A New Steak Kitchen And Butcher Service In Prague

For their most recent project, Prague restaurant connoisseurs Ambiente have transformed an ornate 19th century bank into a steak kitchen and butcher service.

The Kantýna presents a combined canteen, restaurant and butcher shop, offering the Czech capital a social food emporium. Three divisions create a versatile approach to dining, with architect Rudolf Netík explaining the Kantýna concept to unite casual food with a luxury atmosphere. Ambiente preserves the former bank’s decorative features, including sculptures by Czech art nouveau artist Jan Štursa, original frescos and marble finishings. To establish a recognisably contemporary environment for the building’s new purpose, Ambiente called on Netík to custom design simple furniture additions and light fittings. Throughout the restaurant, Kantýna’s logo of a simple geometric bone is a recurring image, enhancing the restaurant’s iconic visual identity. The kitchen and dishwashing facilities are visible from dining spaces, which celebrates the fact that the food is served to diners not by a waiter, but by the chef.

Politických vězňů 1511/5
110 00 Nové Město
Czech Republic

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