Kate Bellm Presents Surreal Scenes in Night Sky Rising

A sense of escapism ensues within Kate Bellm’s solo show ‘Night Sky Rising’. British-born photographer Kate Bellm’s latest series showcases an other-worldly paradise, with eroded urban landscapes and ethereal nudes tinted by an artificial iridescence.

Renowned for her photography within the fashion industry, ‘Night Sky Rising’ radiates the raw and romantic sense of beauty iconic to her aesthetic. Similarly, the symbol of the nude is ever present within Bellm’s work, highlighting the dominance of nature within her photography. Through aquatic narratives and wild dreamlike scenes, Bellm’s personal interpretation of the natural world is displayed through her heightened sense of imagination and cinematic styling. ‘Night Sky Rising’ showcases a selection of both new works and archival material, all of which radiate the themes of freedom, nature and youth — a combination that has become a symbol of Bellm’s instantly recognisable aesthetic. This exhibition runs until 13th January 2018 at Lamb Arts in London.

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