Katty Hoover Shoots Nude Bodies Amidst Nature At Lake Como

American photographer Katty Hoover spent time in Lake Como, Florida, USA, to capture the faces and bodies of the resident nudist community.

Drawing upon her childhood memories of the tranquil natural surroundings of the lake, Hoover spent time with the community’s members, photographing them in a variety of outdoor scenes. Lush wild greenery contrasts with immaculately-kept lawns and plastic flamingos dot the lakeside. The series alludes to a local contradiction: Whilst conservative rural Florida tends to view the naked human body as taboo, Pasco County has the greatest number of nudist camps in the USA. “Fenced from public view, Como embodies the conflicting human desires for privacy and exhibitionism. The resort is an active but hidden subculture. Daily life remains prosaic, but often provocative,” explains the photographer. “These portraits consider subjects in their natural and built environments, which often reference the glamorous, Italian destination of the same name.”

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