Keiji Ashizawa Design Highlights The Influence Of Nature In This Tokyo Sushi Restaurant

As one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo has long been known for encouraging innovation whilst embracing tradition; futuristic, modern buildings are often found alongside tranquil gardens and historical features. For restaurant ‘Sushi Mizukami’, tranquillity is key to the overall dining experience. Located in Ichibancho, a residential area in the central district of Chiyoda, the restaurant serves just eight guests at a time for both lunch and dinner; the focus of which showcases the highest level of quality of both service and ingredients. Small details are of great importance in this experience, such as the weight of the sliding door on entering, purposefully heavy to encourage the feeling of welcome once within. The choice of materials by the architects are of equal significance, with the spacious entrance of this small restaurant clad in Japanese cedar, and welcoming guests with a display of seasonal flowers. Natural materials are present throughout in sculptural timber benches, which highlight the textural qualities of wood and white cedar used for the counter—where guests are served by owner Mizukami Michinobumi. Throughout the restaurant, there is a distinct lack of distracting elements; lighting is subtle and architectural details thoughtful, allowing dishes served to remain the focal point of the experience.

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