Keith Oshiro’s Explorations Of Individuality

LA-based photographer Keith Oshiro uses fashion and portrait photography to subvert stereotypes, confidently capturing the passions and personalities of his subjects.

Channelling his experiences of youth, a time of criticism and complexity, and then reacting against them, Keith’s photography is intriguingly personal. He explains, “When I was younger it was always a criticism to be sensitive or soft, honestly. That really affected me because I felt like I had to create a mask of fake masculinity that I constantly had to prove to other kids.” With the realization that the self was not determined by societal constructs, Keith chose to challenge these early emotions through the medium of photography. His work is a beautiful documentation of diversity, depicting the softness of masculinity under the gentle haze of the LA sunset, and the intensity of femininity through powerful composition and intense color combinations. Keith explains, “I like depicting men in feminine ways and showing women in a more masculine light. Being fluid and allowing for the pendulum to swing both ways just feels right. Humans are complex, contradictory and beautiful with infinite shades of color…I love it when people show who they really are.”

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