Klemens Schillinger’s Concrete Tabletop Pieces, A Minimal Way To Accessorize Your Personal Space

“Each landmark’s formal character is shaped by the extruded offset of the object’s footprint,” explains Schillinger of his designs. Each piece is a miniature model of different architectural forms with stepped sides: a pyramid, an arena, and the shape of a circus venue. “They are scaled classics, but strip the architecture ancestors off to a minimal simplicity: a Circus Maximus for every apartment,” he says. The two differently-sized Arena bowls aim to resemble a mini Greek amphitheatre and a hippodrome, an ancient Grecian stadium for chariot racing. The stepped sides of the bowls are meant to emulate tiered seating for spectators. The bookends are shaped like pyramids, and come in either a charcoal or sandstone color. The collection was created for Hem, a Stockholm-based independent design studio that sells contemporary furniture and accessories.

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