‘LA House’ By Studio Guilherme Torres

Situated in the Brazilian city of Londrina, ‘LA House’ is a residence designed by architects Studio Guilherme Torres. The condominium was created in 2009, and is described by the studio as having the appearance of a ‘big wooden box’.

‘LA House’ was commissioned to house a young couple, with a placement at the highest point of the surrounding condos. The privacy gained from this height is enhanced through the foundation of a plateau at ground level, which offers surrounding walls for the house and extends to define an area for the garden and swimming pool. Overlaid above this level is a second panoramic block, covered in panels of cumaru wood. Because of this, the exterior appearance reminisces large Jenga blocks, stacked overhanging one another, in a striking play with minimalist architectural form. These two storeys offer an open plan interior space, with the abandonment of conventional partitions in exchange for a double height atrium. Here, high ceilings and glass walls fill the kitchen and living spaces with natural light and ventilation, decorated with splashes of yellow, black and white and wall-to-wall shelving units. The master bedroom and balcony on the second story are reached via a set of stairs, providing for the residents a room with a view over the hilltop neighbourhood and green surroundings.

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