Landfolk Offers A Hand-picked Portfolio Of Denmark, Norway And Germany’s Most Unique Holiday Houses

It is exactly this notion of getting out of the city and closer to nature while spending time with loved ones that spurred the launch of Landfolk. Seven former Airbnb colleagues, united by a mutual love of vacationing in one-of-a-kind summer houses, brought their concept to life in early 2021 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was a time of momentous change in the travel industry, when restrictions meant holidays had to be fairly local, accessible by land and, ideally, little self-contained versions of paradise. Now, the increasing inclination toward sustainable travel helps give this concept traction well beyond pandemic conditions.

Another shared experience among the team that was integral in the inspiration behind Landfolk was that searching for such beautiful, unique summer houses online was often a tedious process. So a key element of offering their curated digital portfolio, which initially contained houses in Denmark only but later extended to Norway and Germany, was that it must be a joy for the user to navigate.

And it is. Landfolk houses all have something very special about them. Aesthetically, they are supremely tasteful, often in a pared-back Scandinavian way, with plenty of personality. Their design credentials are cutting-edge. The quality of materials and furnishings is extremely high. Then there’s the scenic location, which is always spectacular—sometimes with a mind-blowing mountainous lake view or something much more understated, like a calming cornfield. But instead of infinitely scrolling through a vast assortment of styles, like on other sites, you can be sure—if you’re a fan of good design—that you’ll easily find something you like here.

On the homepage, you can check out Landfolk’s Collections for inspiration, grouped under helpful titles such as “Dog friendly,” “Nordic log cabins,” “Summer houses from the ’60s,” “Premium escapes,” and “Winter-friendly summer houses.” You can then begin curating your own Collection, earmarking all your favorites.

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