Lemos & Lehmann Capture Something More

Lemos & Lehmann is the moniker of Pat Lemos and Lukas Lehmann, visual artists from Spain and Germany whose analog photography explores human relationships.

Shooting only on film, the photographic work of Lemos & Lehmann feels thoughtful and measured. While some images are staged, others are captured by chance—you cannot, after all, plan the perfect sunset. Regardless, each image feels patiently considered—a benefit of having two minds working together as one. Together, Lemos and Lehmann aim to investigate the world visually through three prisms: the body, environment and time. They do this by utilizing one another as the subjects of their photographs, which subsequently relay an intimacy and tenderness. “Evocative images reveal to the observer their most private side,” their artist statement explains. “An intimacy where anyone can recognize himself/herself, and connect with a universal way of feeling.” Their long-running project ‘The Light Behind’ exemplifies this sentiment. In it, they photographed one another having breakfast daily for a period of over a year. The warmth of their relationship is palpable, and as they laugh with tired eyes across the table—you can almost imagine that it is you who sits opposite.

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