Léonard Méchineau Creates Strong And Compelling Images With An Edge

Méchineau takes pleasure in small details. His photography is always beautifully composed and effortlessly captivating, and his perspective is intriguing. He has learned his craft at the Gobelins School of Photography in Paris, earning in almost no time clients such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy, among many others. Through his commercial and creative work, the Parisian photographer takes us on a visual journey, inviting us to experience unique moments of reality discovered through his lens. Merging multiple ideas into a single image, his style is an example of the endlessly rich possibilities of photography. The outcome is always powerful, affecting, and unexpected.

Méchineau’s work masters the use of light. His carefully crafted photographs are composed of ingeniously captured contrasts and shapes that reveal the many delicate nuances of his ever-different subjects. The images have an incredible sense of color and an alluring combination of sensual and enigmatic notes that capture the viewers’ imagination with ease, endowing them with inexhaustible inspiration.

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