Les Affluents By Louis Perreault


Montreal-based photographer Louis Perreault captures the metaphorical and literal flows of les affluents—the tributaries—in his series of the same name.

In this black and white photographic series, Perreault follows the water, imbuing within its soft darkness a narrative of self. “In the hollow of the landscapes that I inhabit,” he writes, “les affluents (the tributaries) are these arms of rivers, these points of confluence, these emotional flows, these sudden contacts and these entrenchments of selfishness that create, through some magical phenomena, a refuge against the erosion of a poetic life.” ‘Les affluents’ shows the tenderness of touch and the calm that immersive solitude can bring. But for Perreault, the water is not simply a space to project poeticisms, but something that he looks to for the “practical and aesthetic conditions that can lead…to the ultimate feeling of being alive.”


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