Leung Yat Ting’s Everyday Observations

Hong Kong-based photographer Leung Yat Ting, who works under the artist name Leungmo, works as a freelance art director and photographer, observing the small details of everyday street life that most might otherwise pass by.

Entitled “Here, There, Everywhere”, Ting’s recent series documents the things she observes in her surroundings in Hong Kong, capturing the city’s quieter moments on the streets and parks of Hong Kong. From birds to bottles and buildings viewed from different angles, Ting’s works is laced with a lightness and sense of whimsy. “I tried to look at the world with different perspectives: up and down. It’s [about] throwing away our traditional concepts and look at the world with a child’s eyes. Everything is brand new and interesting for a child,” the photographer says. 

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Written by Peter Thompson


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