Luc Borho Distorts Time And Space

Paris-based multi-hyphenate Luke Borho works across photography, art direction, and graphic design. His unique way of seeing is evident in his series ‘Space X’, a colorful exploration of both the banal and the sublime in the American Southwest.

It is a series, he explains, that looks to the future and new-frontiers proffered as tourist destinations by raconteurs like Elon Musk. “‘You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great.’ This is how Elon Musk introduces his multi-planetary life project” Borho begins. “What location can better illustrate this paradigm than America—the newest frontier.” Shot in the Southwest of the states, a place where Borho remarks “rockets are often obscuring the night sky”, the series places us in an extra-terrestrial landscape that bears banal traces of human existence: a concrete seat, tire tracks, a lonely car, and a distant figure. “While settling new civilizations on an empty planet sounds like science fiction, this project works to simulate an extraterrestrial landscape in touristic spaces”, Borho confirms—his work an attempt to distort our perception of time, place, and space.

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