Lucas y Hernández-Gil’s Apartment Is Highlighted By Metallic Surfaces And Pops Of Bold Color

The modern home is accentuated by some striking features; an indoor courtyard with orange grass, silver curtains, bright blue and orange walls, and LED strip lights that glow in hues of purple and pink. Located in the heart of the city, the project’s brief was to renovate the initially dark space, revamping it into a bright, open-plan home. Light flows in from two large windows that overlook the street; further light pours in from skylights and vertical perforations. Most surfaces have been painted white to enhance the apartment’s brightness—the only disruption to the space is the floor-to-ceiling corrugated blue cylindrical pod, which conceals a modest sized bathroom adorned in coral-orange tiles. The blue-orange color palette is inspired by a painting by the 20th-century abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko, ‘Number 14’, which features two large blocks of orange and blue pigment set against one another. Commenting on the overall interior design, the firm explains that “different atmospheres have been linked in a play on perceptive contrasts, where each room is a space simultaneously differentiated and flexible,” they say. “Geometry, color, and light configure an artificial interior landscape.”

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