Lukas Peet’s Stylish Scent Tray

Canadian designer Lukas Peet has created ‘Scent Tray’, a sophisticated black steel object that functions as both incense burner and ashtray.

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Peet returned to his hometown, Vancouver, to start his own design company—encompassing mostly product, interior and graphic design. To create ‘Scent Tray’, the designer used a combination of those three facets. “The goal was to develop a product that could only be produced (reasonably) using 3D-printing technology”, explains Peet. Using direct metal laser sintering, which uses 3D-printing to form shapes from steel powder, the final design is made of DMLS Steel and features a concave, disk-shape. This traps falling residue from the incense in the tray, which can be hidden by tilting the object sideways. Of the design, Peet asserts that ‘Scent Tray’ flows with ease between organic curves and geometric shapes. “It is an object that subtlety attracts your attention, with the mesmerizing upward elegance of the smoke to the abrupt downward departure of the ash”.

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