Lukhanyo Mdingi Celebrates African Heritage

By reflecting on a contemporary outlook of African aesthetics and heritage, the Lukhanyo Mdingi label displays cross cultural influences for traditional designs. The eponymous South African designer behind the brand has already created four fashion collections, each capturing a different mood. The first, ‘Iridescence‘, was made as a counterpart to Mdingi’s thesis, showing the challenges of Avant-garde fashion in South Africa. Inspired by an ancient Arabic knotting technique, ‘Macrame‘ stays true to the label’s minimalist aesthetic. Created in 2016, ‘Tactile‘ explores a deeper and rooted contemporary African tale. The latest collection, entitled ‘Taintless‘, was based on oriental aesthetics, blurring the line between menswear and women’s fashion. The designer says: “We believe in making a powerful, positive contribution to our African landscape by producing finely cut and refined pieces that are distinct and powerful, with a flair of timeless elegance and sophistication.”

All images © Lukhanyo Mdingi

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