Lux Noctis By Photographer Reuben Wu

Lux Noctis’, an ongoing photography series by Chicago-based artist Reuben Wu, depicts landscapes altered by the lighting effects of drones.

Eager to probe the relationship between traditional landscape photography, science fiction and planetary exploration, Wu’s photos present ethereal lands that look part apocalyptic, part CGI creation. This is a common theme throughout his photographic portfolio: back in 2014 he shot a series called ‘Cross Country’ which was created during an extensive trip through the US. ‘Lux Noctis’ similarly transforms everyday landscapes into dreamscapes. Photographing scenes at night, Wu uses long exposure and other techniques to capture light trails from GPS-controlled sources around the mountaintops. At times, the light crowns a halo around the mountains, at others it casts them in an eerie, artificial light. Wu is dedicated to “explor[ing] new places as if they were unknown territory”, giving viewers an alternative perspective to scenes that we see every day in the media.

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