Manhwaricano House By Rieuldorang Atelier

Rieuldorang Atelier, the South Korean firm responsible for ‘Manhwaricano House’, saw the project as an opportunity to make “the ordinary” extraordinary, by creating a house-shaped hole in its middle.

Lead Architect Kim Seongyoul envisioned ‘Manhwaricano House’ as a symbol of the “beauty that can be found in ordinary things.” To achieve this, he looked at how he could transform the most common feature of a traditional house: its rectangular structure which is topped by a gabled roof. Seongyoul decided to reverse or “overturn” this shape by taking away the gabled roof and inserting a house-shaped hollow gap in the middle of the home, essentially making a “vacant house”. This then became one of the entrances, creating a point where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The client’s most vital requirement was that there be space beneath the eaves. In suburban housing in Ulsan, South Korea, eaves can play a very important role: they are places where occupants do many of their daily activities without being interrupted by the weather. Additionally, the eaves provide the client with a place where they can enjoy their rich surroundings such as the nearby mountain regions and farmland.

All images © Yoon Joonhwan

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