Marcin Rusak’s Floral Furniture Design

Descended from a line of flower growers and gardeners, it is unsurprising that the design work of Marcin Rusak‘s eponymous London studio draws so heavily from the natural world—suspending real plants in resin to create his unique ‘Flora Temporaria’ pieces.

To create these furniture pieces, Rusak carefully submerges flowers and plants in resin, allowing them to settle, and the resin to set, before polishing the ‘Flora Temporaria’ to a high gloss. “Its surface has a painterly quality and is reminiscent of a dark pond or Flemish painting,” Rusak explains, “with flowers sitting just below the water’s surface, mesmerizing in silvery tones of color and form.” Since opening his London-based studio in 2015, Rusak has specialized in material investigation and experimentation with processes and materials, always with a focus on the organic and admiration for the natural world.

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