Marco Argüello Captures South Beach Sunbathers

Drawn to the poses of sunbathers that appeared contrived or statuesque, photographer Marco Argüello captures figures in the crowds of Miami’s South Beach. The series ‘Ultraviolet’ presents life in the sun and by the sea, saturation and sunburn galore.

Originally from Texas, Argüello moved to Miami where he found himself fascinated by the “eccentric sun worshippers” of South Beach. As the title alludes, Argüello utilises the ultra bright light to expose interactions and moments of solitude on the beach alike. Shooting with film, he often frames his subjects in a way that removes them from their seaside context, appearing instead as performers caught basking in a ritual of gratitude to the sun. This compositional decision also enhances the overall surrealism of the images, particularly in shots of group bathers and those obscured by their beach equipment. Argüello is aware of the highly voyeuristic nature of the series, exposing and enabling our temptations to shamelessly people-watch. He comments, “For me, the series is bizarre, comical, and very visually appealing all at the same time. You want to look away yet you can’t stop staring.”

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