Margot Molyneux · Cape Town, RSA

Margot Molyneux, the owner of the eponymous clothing brand known for its classic styling and feminine silhouettes, has opened her first store in Cape Town, RSA.

“We’ve put as much thought into our new store as we do into each of the garments we create.”

Bathed in soft pink, fern green and classic white, the store’s interior has been designed in collaboration with the team at Framework. “After months of planning and preparation, it’s been wonderful to reveal the finished product, and we’ve had an incredible response from our loyal customers as well as the new ones who’ve visited us,” says Molyneux, whose brand has become recognized for its classic yet subtly striking design. Corresponding with the label’s sophisticated clothing, the store’s space features a delicate color palette and exquisite art-deco detailing. Molyneux describes: “We’ve put as much thought into our new store as we do into each of the garments we create. Our aim was to create a beautiful boutique space where our customers would feel at home and where they could browse and try on pieces […]. We’re very happy with the way the space has turned out and hopefully our customers will be, too.”

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