Mate Moro

Born in 1989, in Dunaujvaros, Hungary, now based in Budapest, photographer Mate Moro is visually arresting some of the most interesting editorials we have seen lately. One of his best is depicted in the series of yayoi kusama x louis vuitton for the room magazine.

Moro’s photographs have a clear sensual effect as any diary-alike that allows us to be the attestor of some very absurd conditions. Through his intriguing projects he also glimpses into our private lives. He has a thing for spaces. His pictures reflect on the relationship between the characters and the space around them, symbolizing the qrotesque nature of each location. It is all about the people becoming virtual accessories in their own living spaces. In other words, they are not the ones to form the environment but to be formed by it. He seems to believe that the environment that surrounds us has a strong presence which complements the story he is trying to project. From the paraphernalia he captures rather with a certain poignancy and attention to detail, we are more than keen to see more from him.

All images © Mate Moro

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