Mathieu Bernard-Reymond Converts Charts Into Monuments

In his project ‘Monuments’ photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond manipulates landscape photographs by inserting spectacular, 3D modelled sculptures. These poetical images symbolize global, financial and environmental issues.

French photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond has been working on the series since 2005, creating the virtually staged monochrome landscapes. Each monument is an illustration of reality, modelled following a shape of financial chart or graph. Representing various reality facts- from global oil prices to pollution in China, the monumental sculptures also examine connections between the issues and landscapes. “By turning these curves and sculptural shapes into massive constructions close to memorials or monumental sculptures, I intend to reach something beyond data. My purpose is to underline their fundamental link to landscape and thus, to human and natural history,” says Bernard-Reymond about his narrative virtual world.

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