Matt Eich Explores Memory, Community And America

Virginian photographer Matt Eich produces visual essays that explore fatherhood, vulnerability, memory, and community in his America.

Beginning his photographic career just over a decade ago, Matt chooses to stay close to home to document the emotional reality of contemporary USA. Being part of the communities he captures, Matt’s images offer an intimate version of current events. Defining such intimacy as integral to his work, Matt’s images predominantly define as portraiture or documentary. He captures life from the perspectives of the American people, his images often imbued with a sense of calm despite the implied crisis. For his personal projects, which focus solely on family, Matt prefers to take a less prescribed approach to his art. The significant difference lies in the fact that with the family photos, Matt is not forced to capture a useable image. As such, the personal photographs depict a heightened display of raw emotion, offering insight into the life behind the lens. Deeply interested in the intangible, Matt recognizes our memories as fragile and moments as fleeting, to which he deems photography an antidote.

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