‘Maybe I’ll See You There’: Detroit By Jared Lew

Jarod Lew is a Detroit-born photographer, who began to document his home city following graduation from Michigan State University. ‘Maybe I’ll See You There’ captures everyday life in the city, through the focus of “the aftermath of Detroit’s decline.”

With the series ‘Maybe I’ll See You There’, Lew aims to paint an honest picture about the lives and stories of those living in ‘old Detroit’. He captures “the parts of Detroit that feel they are beyond the orbit of the city’s ongoing transition,” contrasting with“Detroit can promise a better life for people—if they can afford it.” the messages shared by the national media about the city’s regeneration and renewal. By depicting everyday life in neighbourhoods that remain to be left out of prosperity, Lew draws attention to social and economic divides still ingrained in society. The photographer comments, “There is a resurgence of hope that Detroit can promise a better life for people—if they can afford it. New commercial developments spark hope of progress, but they also overshadow the city’s history. By creating a narrative that is sincere to everyday life in Detroit, I hope to capture the people and moments that are at risk of being buried by burgeoning developments and an influx of new city dwellers.”

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