Mike Barr’s Rainy Cityscapes

Focused on the city of Adelaide, located in South Australia, Mike Barr creates evocative rainy-day cityscapes.

“When the feeling are shared, my mission is accomplished.”
Focused more on an overall impression they would make on the viewer, rather than intricate details, Barr’s paintings don’t tell the whole story. “There is more than enough to see in a photograph, but in my paintings, I want the viewer to find the deep feelings,” the artist says. That said, the cityscapes, although a bit melancholic at first, evoke feelings of both excitement and comfort. The painter invites the viewers and invites them to be the part of the scene, encouraging the involvement. Thanks to that, a unique energy is conveyed throughout his works, making the viewer really catch the feeling of being in the scene. “When the feeling are shared, my mission is accomplished,” adds the artist.

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