Mind Tickling 3D Design From Wang & Söderström

Working between Malmö and Copenhagen, multi-disciplinary studio Wang & Söderström create unexpected work that tickles the mind: In ‘Table Of Contents 101’ we see their experimental play take form in a collection of 3D printed objects.

Drawing from backgrounds in architecture and furniture design, Anny Wang and Tim Söderström create work that moves beyond their creative disciplines into the realm of spatial design, technology, and hand craft. For ‘Table Of Contents 101’, they first designed and modeled each piece by hand, before using 3D printing to bring the collection to life. ‘Table Of Contents 101’ showcases the tactility and diversity of Wang and Söderström’s thinking: from the wonderfully wobbly and organic to the geometric and polished, and the trio titled simply ‘Objects Wearing Hats’. Notably, all of the pieces have been left unpolished so that machine traces can still be seen on their surface: an ode to the process and materiality of Wang & Söderström’s work.

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