Minimalist In Form, Forgo Encourages The Sustainable Future Of Products

The innovative studio has designed a sustainable alternative to liquid soap based upon the principles of minimizing the environmental impact of products. Consisting of a single glass bottle and refillable sachets of soap powder, the inventive creation requires only one additional ingredient: water. Created to combat the issue of single-use plastics, the team has worked closely with a specialist cosmetics lab based in Montreal to create their soap powder that, when added to water, turns into a luxurious foaming hand wash. Currently, the hand wash is available in a neutral scent and two fragrances that are also created from sustainable sources. Further reducing the need for raw materials, the fragrances are sourced from waste materials—the ‘Woody’ scent is distilled from timber yard scraps, and the ‘Citrus’ scent is distilled from leftover peels and pulp from organic juicing plants in the Caribbean. With plans to increase the range to include other daily essentials, ‘Forgo’ symbolizes the potential for creating sustainable, innovative products as the much-needed encouragement of positive environmental change.

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