MINIMOD – A Contemporary Retreat Close To Nature

The small housing units called MINIMOD have been designed by Brazilian MAPA Architects. Constructed from four modules, namely, bedroom, living room dining room and bathroom, which also contains a kitchen, they present a simple but contemporary dwelling. Individual possibilities of rearranging the modules, create various ways of spatial arrangement.

The first prototypes of MINIMOD, back in 2009, were located in Catuçaba, the Brazilian remote. One was set on top of a hill and the other next to a beautiful pond. In order to create the best interaction with nature and the surrounding, the first house was built cross-shaped whereas a more linear order was used for arranging the second one. Since then, MAPA has expanded the idea of portable shelters. Right now the architects are planning to branch out their housing concept to North American and European market.

The units present an alternative to the traditional construction method, based on prefabricated house technique. Using its unique-in-Brazil CLT Wood-Technology combined with sustainable materials, the architects set new standards in architecture and design.

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Written by Peter Thompson


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