Mohamed Amine Siana’s Modern Villa In Morocco

Located in Casablanca, Morocco, ‘Villa Z’ finds a balance between privacy and open, light architecture, while celebrating classical modernism.

Principal intention of architect Mohamed Amine Siana’s project was to go out of the ordinary cube and to find the best way to keep the client’s privacy and protect the house from the front avenue’s noise. While drawing its inspirations from Moroccan cultural roots, the project also opens up to new horizons, gaining a modern identity. “In the city of Casablanca, traditional modernism has been the norm in recent years,” says the architect. “It was a laboratory for some brilliant architects and this Villa does well not to poke anyone in the eye, while at the same time maintaining a characteristic distinct plausibility to its integrity as a modern artifact.” The project has developed practical spaces for the new Moroccan way of living, reflecting the cultural dilemma between the privacy and the open contemporary lifestyle.

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