Moth Art’s Striking Portraits Of Powerful Young Women

Italian born, Paris-based photographer and director Marta Bevacqua fell into photography by chance: at sixteen years old she tried her hand at shooting the beautiful women around her; a decision that flourished into her current career in fashion photography.

Bevacqua, also known professionally as Moth Art, captures impeccable portraits that tell a story of quiet emotion with each subject. However, there is no planning involved. “I just see the light, the place, and the girl I have in front of the camera”, she explained in an interview with New York’s My Modern Met. She is choosy with her subjects though, preferring “the kind of girl you don’t notice while walking along the street, but if by chance you meet her eyes, you can’t help but stop to look at her”, she muses. An emotive quality is certainly evident in the facial expressions of each model, allowing beauty to be portrayed in its most simple form. “Stories are important to me”, she says. “It’s through a story that we can see emotions and, in my opinion, it’s the emotion that makes an incredible portrait.”

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