Motorcycle Outlaws Depicted By Spencer Murphy

In his picture series “One Wheel Bad“ London-based photographer Spencer Murphy portraits members of a motorcycle gang and quad drivers who come together around London to do stunts on streets and industrial areas.

Spencer captures the riders as the outlaws as they are: stunts, street wear and masks show the lifestyle of this subculture with its specific features. The photographer focuses on on the riders’ individuality in his portraits but still grasps the group dynamics among them. In this series Spencer crosses the tough look of the riders and the meager environment with a soft, fading tint that he added to the photos. Another interesting contrast results from the flashy colors of the vehicles and clothes facing the dreary backgrounds. Spencer wanted to depict the riders scene of London to demonstrate that this kind of subculture exists. Getting in touch with a motorcycle gang was frustrating in the beginning as many attempts failed. This experience has taken Spencer out of his comfort zone. When he nearly was about to give up he got to know one member of the group who took him to a gathering. After a while he got familiar with more riders who agreed of being photographed.

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