Mutina’s New Tiles Collection By Nathalie Du Pasquier Dresses Up Spaces With Eclectic Designs

Du Pasquier has not simply designed new tiles, she has developed an entire concept for interior settings, by combining ceramic elements and paint. “The palettes have been selected using the paints from the Accents project already in the range (Clay, Oxide, Pearl, Pine, Sand, and Terra), with the addition of new Margherita Paints, a range of colorings (Rosa, Azzurro, Arancione, Giallo, and Verde) available in Matt and Satin versions, developed by the artist specifically for the collection,” explains the studio. Created in glazed porcelain stoneware, the tiles have a satin-finish surface that looks vivid and polished. “To obtain the best possible result in terms of finish and color, careful research has gone into the glazes, in order to identify the most reactive, so as to give a bright, vibrant finish to the satin-effect surface,” they add.

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