My INNER HEALTH Club Boosts The Pathway To Wellbeing With Inner Traditions

The launch of your streaming service is accompanied by the campaign ‘Inner Traditions’, for which you spoke with four creatives about which rituals and habits help them stay healthy, focused, and centered. Why these four?

We chose these four visionaries because their way of living aligns with their inner traditions, by which we mean the rituals and regimes that help them stay focused and healthy—they display a sense of calm, balance, and vitality, which is truly inspiring. Designer and architect Andrew Trotter maintains a sense of serenity in his private and professional life, by incorporating open spaces, traditional methods, simplicity, and ensuring his studio’s designs are in harmony with nature. For Claus Sendlinger, who is the founder of Design Hotels and a co-founder of the creative community Slow, food is at the heart of his healthy lifestyle. He has given up all industrialized, processed foods and chosen to nourish his body in a way that’s more in-tune with what he really needs rather than what’s easy and convenient. Fahrani Pawaka Empel is a designer and model who maintains her energy levels through meditation, sound healing, gratitude practice, and tarot. And Bruno Sitton was transformed when he discovered Zen on his global travels as a model. He now specializes in tea ceremonies, meditation, and creating and sharing experiences with others in order to lead a life of greater vitality.

What lessons did you take away from them?

The lesson we can all learn from these four inspiring people is that by returning to a simpler life that’s more in tune with nature and our own basic needs, we are committing to prioritizing and preserving our mental and physical health. What could be more important than that?

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