MYKITA Shop · Berlin, Germany

With an eye-catching all-white interior, the Mykita Shop — both an optician and glasses store — is a bastion of illumination and innovation in Berlin-Mitte.

The Mykita brand is famous for creating contemporary eyewear that combines handcraft with technology. With stores around the globe, the one on Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße in Berlin’s central Mitte district, one street from Alexanderplatz, is a physical manifestation of the brand’s holistic approach to design. The glasses sold at the store in Mitte are designed and manufactured just one suburb away. In Kreuzberg, you’ll find the Mykita Haus — the heart of the brand and their manufacturing hub. The entire production is in-house, ensuring quality and enabling interdisciplinary research. This all-encompassing approach is reflected in the Mykita stores.

Back in Mitte, in-house optometrists offer certified eye-tests and demonstrate Mykita’s latest innovation: ‘My Very Own’ (MVO), a tool to help customers conceptualize and create their personal pair of bespoke Mykita glasses. MVO is a 3D scanning device made in collaboration with Swedish product-customization company Volumental, that captures the contours of one’s face, used to then design glasses that ensure a perfect fit. Once collected, the results are sent to Mykita Haus where the glasses are then expertly crafted. With this integration of technology, Mykita has eliminated the difficult process of choosing the perfect pair of glasses. A daunting task, especially when faced by the Mykita Wall which holds over 350 frames.

The unique architecture of the store, developed by Mykita itself, reflects the brand’s visionary use of materials and unconventional creative imagination. The concept of the store design centers around removing objects from their typical environment and placing them within a new context, repurposing out-of-service flight attendant trolleys as storage facilities and perforated steel shelving supports as the luminous Mykita Wall. The Mykita Shop in Mitte pushes boundaries in terms of materiality and technology, and as a result, experience, offering an ultimately sensorial and personal experience of purchasing iconic eyewear.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 6
10178 Germany

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