Nendo Designs A Transparent Speaker With A Beech Wood Heart

Tokyo-based design studio Nendo has developed a wireless speaker with Bunaco, the eco-friendly Aomori-based homeware brand. The speaker utilizes wood from the beech trees in Aomori, using a thin slither as a key component of the design.

Bunaco was established with the aim to recycle wood from the many beech trees in the region where the company is based. To craft the objects, thin ribbon-like strips of wood are wound into a tight coil shape, this technique ensures the products are both strong and water resistant. Homeware, decorative goods, lighting fixtures and wireless speakers, have all been created using this technique. Nendo explains: “As a result of the shape of the internal cavities, fine steps, and the sound absorbing qualities of the beech wood, it has been proven to produce a uniquely clear and soft tone. Therefore, an omni-directionalional speaker with a vertically standing diaphragm was designed, aiming to maximize the acoustic quality and the spatial distribution of the sound.” In celebrating the beauty of Bunaco’s woodwork, an acrylic transparent cylinder supports and elevates the speaker. The transparency allows users to observe the coil that elegantly descends, to understand the speaker’s structure and to appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

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