Nendo Designs Adjustable Lighting For FLOS

Tokyo-based design studio nendo released two new lamps for FLOS that can be adjusted to suit your own needs. The two black lamps, named the Gaku and the Sawaru, can be change in composition remaining in different looks.

Gaku is a modular box and a lamp that can be altered with the addition of various accessories. When positioned within the box, the pendant can be adjusted to different heights. There is also a matching spot light that can be moved around within the square, while a directional light features a magnet and can be pointed anywhere. Additional magnetic accessories that can be added include bowls, vases, a tray, mirror, as well as bookends. Sawaru is a minimalist table lamp that consists of two cylinders that are leaned against each other. One part features the light while the other functions as a base that holds the light up at three different angles of 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 60 degrees.

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