New Balance Of Life By Kosaku Matsumoto

New Balance of Life is a minimalist exhibition, created by architect Kosaku Matsumoto in collaboration with artist Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa. With this project, the artists attempt to review their casual behaviour in daily life and the space between our body and objects.

Installed in Tokyo, Japan, the designers made three art works, a shoe rack, a cup hanger, and a plate rack, as a behavior of propping up shoes, a behavior of hanging, and a behavior of a paused moment. Stainless steel sheet was used for structural strength, while the highly polished mirror finish changes its appearances delicately according to placement. Each of the three works displays a precariously balanced object. The instability encourages the beholder to first carefully observe how balance and equilibrium would manifest before placing an item. This seems different from what we would expect from simply placing something on a normal shelf. Suddenly the shape of shoes, size of cup handles, texture of plates and unevenness of walls and floors come to attention.

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